How To Charter A Jet To Los Cabos?

How Do I Charter A Jet To Los Cabos?

Do you want to take a vacation that is luxurious, yet out of this world? Do you want the option of having private pilots guiding your journey, both on land and on the horizon? Envision a getaway that provides transportation to choose from private jets, luxury yachts, or party barges. Add to the experience a relaxing spa, 5-star dining options, and celebrity-like entertainment. 

Imagine walking into a hotel suite that fits 12 people comfortably and comes with butler service. Start imagining a destination where flying private is not just for celebrities and businessmen but is also for those individuals who are looking for an amazing experience and unforgettable memories. This destination is called Cabo San Lucas – and chartering a jet here is as easy as contacting the concierge team at Arch Cabo Luxury Rentals.

Can You Fly Private To Cabo?

Flying in private jets to and from Cabo San Lucas is a hot topic these days. There’s a reason for that, however. Those luxurious flying machines are a great way to get where you want to go without having to wait in line with everyone else at the airport. Cabo San Lucas is Mexico’s crown jewel, and there’s an easier way to enjoy its countless attractions and wonders than struggling through standard commercial air travel. Fly directly into the heart of Cabo by taking advantage of the services of Arch Cabo Luxury Rentals..

How Much To Charter A Flight From LA To Cabo?

Jet Charter is not just for the very wealthy. What used to be a luxury is now available to everyone through private jet charter. In Los Angeles, high-earners can take off in style. Midsize Jets are here – and they’re more affordable than ever! These jets can comfortably seat 8 passengers and offer plenty of legroom, plus amenities like Wi-Fi and satellite television. The cost? Between $19,000 to $25,000 USD. 

The Takeaway

Of course, most people would like to create a vacation experience that is full of extravagance and opulence. One way to do that is to charter a private flight to your destination. When you fly via your own private pilots, you can have as much or as little space in the plane as you like. You get to walk right on board and not through the airport, being harried by crowds of people. Private flight service has benefits that make it one of the ideal travel options available today.

If you’re ready for a luxurious getaway with the perfect mix of wildlife, fun and relaxation, Cabo San Lucas is just the place for you. No matter what you love to do on vacation, odds are there’s an opportunity awaiting you here. If you haven’t booked your next getaway quite yet, don’t miss out on this vacation hotspot. Contact Arch Cabo Rentals to schedule your private jet flight today!

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