Residences In Palmilla

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6 Guests

Retreat To The Mexican Paradise La Palmilla

Overlooking the Sea of Cortez, this 1,000 acre development was designed and built by Del Mar Development, one of the top firms in Mexico. The expansive community contains gorgeous condos, beautiful residences and luxury homes, not to mention the One&Only Palmilla, one of the top resorts in Los Cabos. As a member of the community you will be able to reap all of the benefits of this stunning resort. 

Sometimes the most beautiful places are hiding in plain sight. It’s easy to overlook them, but when you see it for yourself, the whole story becomes clear. La Palma is located along the main highway of San Jose Del Cabo. Yet, with its lush tropical vegetation and an oceanfront view that’ll stop you in your tracks, it is like no other place in the area. It makes the most sense to say that Palmilla is “hidden in plain sight”. 

Offering an unparalleled combination of privileged beachfront location, world-class accommodations, spacious rooms and suites, exceptional dining experiences and the finest golf facilities in Los Cabos. Here, old-world charm mingles with modern elegance in a breezy atmosphere enhanced by impeccable service.

Palmilla is the perfect destination for your next holiday. Whether you’re looking to unwind or need a little bit more action, Palmilla in San Jose Del Cabo has you covered. This beautiful location offers the perfect backdrop for romance, adventure, sport and exploration. Offering unique accommodations with spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez. Many rooms boast an outdoor living area and are equipped with luxurious furnishings and expertly appointed bathrooms. 

Whether you’re looking for a 5-star world resort style vacation rental, or a comfortable personal escape with breathtaking ocean views, La Palmilla will have them all. There is a variety of luxury and casual accommodations to suit any visitor. The beachfront condominiums and residences provide the perfect base from which to explore beautiful Los Cabos.

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Can You Swim In The Ocean At Palmilla?

Why sit in your office or at home when you can enjoy the beach? Los Cabos’ white sands and picturesque sunrises are just a short drive away. Enjoy great weather, surf, and the warm, clear waters of the Sea of Cortez. Tourists will encounter one of Mexico’s best beaches at Palmilla Beach in San Jose Del Cabo

Palmilla Beach is a must-see if you plan to visit San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. Also known as Palmilla Bay, this section of the Sea of Cortez is one of the few swimmable beaches in Los Cabos. Not only is it ideal for swimming, but it is also perfect for families with small children. The waters here are great for kids to splash around safely, and there are even small areas where you don’t have to go far to reach waist-deep water.

The sand at Palmilla is very fine and it’s easy to walk or run around the 1/4-mile stretch of sand, which has drop-offs close to shore. Most people love the water activities here because there are fish, corals, numerous sea urchins and other types of marine life that can be experienced when:

  • Swimming;
  • Snorkelling;
  • Scuba diving;
  • Sailing;
  • Jet skiing; or
  • Walking the shoreline.

Whichever activity you choose, even if it’s just relaxing under an umbrella, you’re sure to have an amazing time and make the most out of your beach vacation.

Enjoy Unrivalled Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Imagine yourself relaxing in the garden of a hidden hacienda where all your senses are seduced by unrivalled authentic Mexican cuisine. Here, for your pleasure, the passionate chefs draw on their ancestral knowledge and skills to create sublime dishes inspired by Mexican tradition while introducing exciting new flavours. Whether it’s an exclusive soirée in the chef’s herb garden or an interactive culinary demonstration, you can unearth your inner foodie at the award-winning restaurants of the One&Only Palmilla. 

Eating at Los Cabos restaurants will always be special, but eating at the One&Only Palmilla is a unique gastronomic experience. It offers royalty treatment to all its guests, starting with the exclusive entrance. Guests are welcomed by our spectacular view of the stunning coastal landscape. The promise of fine dining offers the chance to experience the region’s culinary heritage in an unforgettable way. Palmilla will show you why their cuisine stands out from other Los Cabos restaurants, not least because of the distinctive flavors, the quality of ingredients and the personal attention each dish receives.

Get A Rejuvenating Massage At The One&Only Spa At Palmilla

The One&Only Spa at Palmilla offers a rejuvenating spa experience that encompasses both physical and spiritual healing, strongly influenced by the elegant region in which it is located. To help guests relax after exploring this most charming of destinations, the One&Only Spa combines ancient healing with contemporary techniques to revitalise body, mind and spirit.

Perhaps the most coveted service offered by the spa is their Signature Treatment, which is a sweeping Baja journey from head to toe. While attending the spa you can also look forward to:

  1. Enjoying mind-and-body healing;
  2. Indulging in an authentic, holistic approach;
  3. Choosing treatments that cater to specific needs;
  4. Requesting expert advice about the most effective spa services for you.

The One & Only Spa at Palmilla has gone beyond the traditional spa menu to incorporate the latest in beauty, relaxation and therapeutic treatments. 

Escape To One Of The Most Beautiful Coastal Areas In Mexico

If you’re staying in San Jose Del Cabo on your next vacation, why wouldn’t you stay in one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Mexico – La Palmilla. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the amazing scenery while enjoying the sun, sand, beaches, fine dining, shopping, golf, fishing or whatever else you seek in an unforgettable vacation.


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