Cabo San Lucas Butler Service

Hire A Butler In Cabo For Your Dream Vacation

Are you excited for your vacation in Los Cabos?

We are a luxury vacation rental company in Cabo, Mexico and offers butler services. We understand that vacations are meant to relieve you from everyday activities therefore everything we are here to ensure everything is smooth sailing. Our main purpose is to ensure that you feel like royalty during your vacation. Our experienced and professional team works hard to ensure that you have the best moment during your vacation. 

Our services include:

Preparing Meals

We arrive before you and make you enticing meals. We also allow you to make standard requests for any meal that you love. We also ensure it is well prepared by observing all hygiene measures. That way, we assure you of high-quality foods. Our team is well trained on all butler chef services including children-friendly meals.

Serving Meals

Upon arrival, we welcome you with margaritas and guacamole. Also, we allow you to make any requests like cocktails and lunch while you sun bathe on the beach. Our meal presentation is one of a kind and will leave you wanting more.


Whether it is that fine tequila or wine that you like, we all have all bartender services for you. You just order and we bring it to your comfort zone. We have special alcohol brands to ensure that you feel satisfied during your vacation.


We also provide you with poolside entertainment among others. That way, we ensure that you are relieved from stress and have a good time on your vacation. We make selective music requests whenever you need them.

Room Cleaning Services

Our butler services ensure that you do not have to stress about cleaning up your room. We arrive early and clean up your room to ensure that it looks nice upon arrival. We use rose petals on your bed to make you feel good upon entering. We also ensure that your laundry is well taken care of. Our on-time delivery is top-notch when it comes to room and laundry services.

Post-meal Cleanup

Nobody would like to wash dishes during a vacation. That is why we take care of your dishes after every meal.

Why us;


We have a professional team that has all the relevant qualities to provide butler services. They are trained and tested in butler courses. That way they have adequate skills to ensure you are satisfied. We believe we have the best team.


Our many years of practice have made us the best butler service in Mexico. We are popularly known for our great knowledge of chef and butler services. We have a record of past jobs that we handled successfully. This is what makes us one of the trusted rental brands in Cabo, Mexico.

Friendly prices

We have pocket-friendly prices for you. Our prices depend on the location and the number of days you will be spending.


Do not hesitate to make a call to us when you need vacation services. We can take care of all your needs from the beginning to the end. We also ensure that you choose us over and over again.

Our concierge services are exclusive to Villa guests staying at any of our luxury Villas in Los Cabos. If you are a guest looking for concierge services, please message us directly from your guest portal or email us and we will be happy to assist you.

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