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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fish off of a chartered boat in Cabo San Lucas? What would your ideal fishing trip look like? Would you fish all morning and then catch a quick tan on the way to your next spot? Would you go out late in the evening and try to hunt down that elusive Marlin? No matter what way you slice it, when you’re in Cabo San Lucas, we offer any option where we can!

Cabo San Lucas is the hottest fishing destination in Mexico, and the marina has some of the best fishing boats on the Pacific Ocean. The Arch Cabo fleet includes all sizes of boats that are ideal for both inshore and deep sea fishing. Our knowledgeable guides are experienced fishermen who have fished just about every lure, fly, and bait imaginable. They are extremely knowledgeable on our area’s different species of fish, on what techniques to use to catch them, and on all the best-kept and secret fishing spots.

There are limitless fishing adventures in Cabo San Lucas. The variety of boats, the expert crew members, the captain who knows where to go and what to target are all reasons why you can’t miss out on this action-packed experience. Fishing in Cabo San Lucas has always been an adventurous journey, whether fishing with a 2 or 3 day package, or live-bait fishing, or trolling for big game in the Sea of Cortez.

Let our concierge team set up an unforgettable adventure for you. Fishing enthusiasts visiting Cabo San Lucas, Mexico will always be left wanting for more!

Experience The Best Fishing In Cabo

Known for its great variety of deepwater bottom fishing spots and its vast marlin-fishing grounds, the world-famous Cabo San Lucas hosts a wide array of sports fishing activities year round. From trolling or drifting for billfish, to casting light tackle in search of yellowtail and mackerel, Cabo has everything an angler could ask for. The sport fishing in Cabo is legendary and attracts anglers from all over the globe.

Cabo San Lucas is one of the wildest and most exciting fishing destinations on the planet. The number of ways to catch a trophy fish here is astounding. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, there is no shortage of world-class sport fishing in Mexico’s fishing capital. In fact, every day on the water here offers the opportunity to catch some of the best deep-sea fishing adventures imaginable – lazy days included!

With its unique geological location where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, Cabo San Lucas provides refuge to a range of fish species that inhabit the surrounding waters. No matter what prize-winning catch you are tracking, Cabo San Lucas will position you for absolute fishing success. The fishing charterers of Cabo San Lucas can get you hooked on trophy sized catches like these:

  • Black Marlin;
  • Blue Marlin;
  • Striped Marlin; and
  • Sailfish

As one of the top sport fishing destinations in the world, Cabo has been home to some incredible trophy fish catches and hosts some of the most elite sportsmen and sportswomen. A visit to Cabo will certainly be an unforgettable, action-packed experience that will give you bragging rights and stories for years to come.

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