What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo San Lucas is a dream destination year-round with its white sand beaches, exotic cuisine and exciting nightlife. The best time to visit Cabo is from May until June. This time period features pleasant temperatures and the lack of crowds that come with the winter season.

The last months of each year are favorable, but be aware that the prices will rise dramatically due to the influx of tourists. Your best bet would be to plan in advance by visiting within the months of October and November. These are temperate months as well as great times for outdoor activities, but unfortunately bring busier conditions so spend your time searching for vacation rentals in Cabo early if you want to book low rates, and then spend your vacation time enjoying activities like exploring the marine reserve, or taking leisure trips on your yacht charter.

When Is The Peak Season In Cabo San Lucas?

Summer (June-September) can be uncomfortably hot in Cabo San Lucas, with temperatures easily rising up to 95°F. The most popular travel season in Cabo San Lucas is winter, from December through April. The weather during this time of year is mild and sunny, with temperatures that hover around 75°F. While this is the best time to enjoy the beach on a sunny day, you’ll likely have to battle crowds of other tourists who had the same idea.

When Is The Cheapest Time To Visit Cabo?

When it comes to Cabo San Lucas travel, timing is everything. When you travel to Mexico can have a big impact on what you experience and how much you spend. Here’s a look at the best times of year to visit Cabo San Lucas based on the weather, crowds and other factors:

  • Summer (June – September) is the cheap time to visit, because fewer travelers come to Cabo San Lucas during this period, but vacationers should expect more heat and humidity than they are used to.
  • Fall (October – November) is considered the rainy season and also tends to have cheaper prices and better deals on accommodations.
  • Spring (May – June) is shoulder season, the period right after peak season, pricing may be a little less expensive during this period, and the weather is great!
  • Winter (December – April) is peak travel season and when things get more pricey, make sure you book your trip in advance!

Is There A Time When You Should Not Go To Cabo?

Since Cabo experiences both Pacific and Atlantic hurricanes, it is important to pay attention to warnings from both the National Hurricane Center (NHC) and Mexico’s National Weather Service. The NHC website has a section specifically for Cabo that provides a timeline of landfalling tropical storms and hurricanes in this region. While hurricanes have passed through Cabo at various times of the year, they are most likely to occur between August and October. It is worth noting that more often than not, Cabo experiences tropical storms but high category hurricanes in the area are fairly rare.


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