What Are Some Fun Things To Do In Cabo?

After a few days of relaxing, soaking up the sun, and slowly regaining your tan from your winter-white season, it’s time to start planning your adventures. There is so much to do in Cabo San Lucas, both on land and sea, that there is something for everyone. It is hard not to think about all of the exciting things there are to do and see in this wonderful corner of Mexico, listed below are just a few:

It’s all about Cabo. The perfect blend of casual and city, on the tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, where you can kayak alongside sea turtles, dance to live music in a stylish nightclub and get up close with our wildlife. Whether it’s sipping cocktails on an open-air rooftop bar or winding through cobblestone streets on a beachside bike tour, Los Cabos is your playground.

What Is Cabo Best Known For?

So, what is Cabo best known for? For starters, it’s one of the top five Mexican beach destinations to visit. How did it get such a high ranking? Well, its pristine beaches, amazing scuba diving locations, picturesque balnearios, and world famous sea arch (El Arco de Cabo San Lucas) do a lot to help it achieve that status. Plus, when you factor in the marine life the area is associated with plus all of the cocktail parties, is there really any wonder why people are so excited about scheduling their next vacation here?

Is Cabo Good For Partying?

Cabo is great for vacationers looking for a place full of activities, beautiful scenery, and great beach weather. Cabo San Lucas’ nightlife is a main pull – so you should be prepared to let yourself go a little and enjoy some drinks with the occasional tequila shot (if you’re into that sort of thing!).

There are lots of options in Cabo: things to do during the day, clubs and bars at night, clubs with drinking games, a beach that never ends, and more. Cabo is a young trendsetting city, so you’ll find nightclubs on rooftops and in the sand. There are dozens of restaurants on the coast with parties going until 4 a.m., or you can just grab a drink at the swim-up bar at your hotel. It’s all up to you!

Is Cabo Family Friendly?

It’s easy to think of Cabo San Lucas in terms of its reputation as an adult vacation destination, built on romantic beach resorts and rowdy nightlife. But while Cabo is plenty of fun for adults — there are also a lot of things to do if you have children in tow.

Cabo’s family-friendly attractions include whale watching and sport fishing, great restaurants, scuba diving and snorkeling, outdoor activities at the nature park, and surfing at nearby Cerritos Beach. So although Cabo San Lucas is known as a party city with resort hotels that offer free drinks and lively nightlife, it can also be safe and fun for kids.

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