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Los Cabos - Arts / Culture

Los Cabos, A Beautiful History

The best vacations often come with the most history behind them. While Los Cabos has only recently been discovered by the domestic market, vacationers will be surprised to uncover the area’s rich history and long-standing indigenous culture.

The natural beauty of Los Cabos is breathtaking. The region is home to miles of pristine beaches, tropical vegetation, and clear blue waters. From whale-watching to sport fishing, and from kayaking to water-skiing, the endless waters and azure skies ensure that visitors will find their heart’s delight. The Baja Peninsula is also home to an impressive  history which makes for a fascinating cultural experience for visitors.

In addition to exploring the natural beauty of Los Cabos, visitors can enhance their Mexican beach vacation with a visit to some of the local museums. A visit to the largest museum, the Natural History Museum of Cabo San Lucas will provide insight into the prehistoric history of Los Cabos with collections that span paleobotany, geology and paleo-biology. For those who prefer an educational experience closer to local history, they might enjoy a visit to Mission San Jose del Cabo built in 1730 by a Jesuit Mission and one of only two existing original missions left in Baja California Sur. They could also stop by El Triunfo for a peek into the silver mining legacy of Baja California Sur.

The beauty of Los Cabos is only rivaled by its rich history. From the early settlements of the indigenous Pericues Indians, who are believed to have called the area home for centuries, to the Spaniards and ultimately modern developers, the region has been influential for millennia. A visit to a local museum will give you insight into this storied history, which is just as beautiful as that of the natural world around you.

The Rich Culture Of Los Cabos

Los Cabos is a legendary destination known for its sunny beaches and exceptional year-round weather. But there’s more to this Pacific paradise than unbounded beaches and consistent sunshine — Los Cabos has an art and culture scene that is as vibrant as it is eclectic. This Mexican resort town is primed for tourists looking for an experience, who want to appreciate the area beyond the natural attributes that make it one of Mexico’s most popular vacation destinations. For art and music lovers throughout the world, there’s no place like Los Cabos.

Annually each November, the Los Cabos International Film Festival takes over the town bringing the Canadian, American, and Mexican film industries together along with the international who’s who of Hollywood and upping the glamour factor of the region even further. In addition each Thursday evening between November and June, the San Jose del Cabo Art District hosts an Art Walk to allow locals and visitors alike to experience the works of the outstanding fine artists and artisans who live in the region.

With art galleries and retail stores galore, San Jose del Cabo Art District exudes the luxurious and cultured ambiance of the region. The outdoor Art Walk happens in the charming Palmilla Plaza, surrounded by street art and world class restaurants. For four hours between 5pm and 9pm, visitors are treated to a wide selection of handcrafted works created by local artists and artisans, including ceramics, paintings, sculptures, glassware and more.

Los Cabos is a unique city that offers visitors something more than just the sun, sand, and surf. The relaxed, welcoming lifestyle and diverse options for recreation and entertainment make this part of Mexico a perfect place to de-stress in the sun. The terrific festivals that take place are a testament to this rich culture and an indication of how vibrant and exciting Los Cabos has become. Of course, you needn’t visit during festival season to enjoy Los Cabos. In fact, many locals prefer it during off-season when the weather is pleasant, traffic is relatively light and prices are lower. 

If you do visit, you’ll find plenty of places in the region offering world-class dining, everything from simple street food to gourmet cuisine prepared by renowned chefs. Destination weddings are another increasingly popular type of activity in Los Cabos. For any number of reasons—the weather being ideal year round; the championship golf courses within close proximity; the excitement of the nightlife with enticing shows to match—Los Cabos has become one of the top destinations across Mexico and around the world.

The Art Scene In Cabo

If you love art, music, and the outdoors, you will likely fall in love with San José del Cabo. Where else can you enjoy jazz concerts on the beach at sunset and spend time exploring an art community that is constantly growing and evolving? Spend a few days here and you may never want to leave.

The San Jose del Cabo Art District, in particular, is home to some of the best artists located in Baja California Sur. Visitors will find galleries in unexpected locations—at the end of a dirt road, down a cobblestone street, or outside a private residence. The town’s laid back and laid aside feel has made Cabo an ideal growing spot for aspiring artists and artisans. Visitors may also be interested to know that San José del Cabo is home to numerous galleries, with more being opened annually.

A Vibrant Getaway For You And Your Family

There is a wide variety of activities to enjoy in Los Cabos, from bird watching and hiking to scuba diving and snorkeling. The area is arguably one of the most spectacular tourist spots in all of Mexico, with an extremely diverse natural landscape and a vibrant history. You can visit restaurants serving food from a wide array of international cultures and participate in a variety of unique festivals dedicated to food, religion, and traditions. So if you ever find yourself looking for the perfect getaway spot for your next vacation or holiday, you will not want to miss out on the gorgeous paradise that is Los Cabos.

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