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How To Have Fun In Cabo San Lucas

On the southern tip of Baja California lies one of Mexico’s most desirable vacation destinations, Cabo San Lucas. Carnival cruise ships dock in this port, delivering sun-baked crowds of tourists to eat, shop and play, but not before they are inundated with packages, brochures and advertisements promising one-of-a-kind experiences and guaranteed fun.

The number of activities and attractions that Cabo San Lucas offers is, in a word, limitless. No matter what it is that you want to do while in Cabo—beachcombing, snorkeling, cliff diving, boating, jet skiing and more—you’ll find it here. There’s more than enough to do without ever leaving your hotel or resort. And once your stay is over, there will be plenty more that you’ll want to visit on the next visit.

The Mexican coastline is packed with incredible beaches, sea turtles and turquoise waters (but nothing packs quite as big a punch as the destination’s party scene). Whether you’re in it for the clubs, music festivals, restaurants or a quiet drink on the beach, get ready to be wowed by this city that straddles the line between luxury and reckless abandon. From tequila tastings to sunset cruises, here’s everything you need to know to find your fun in Cabo San Lucas.

Take A Water Taxi To Land’s End

Want to see the stunning coastline that Baja California has to offer without spending too much and in a timely manner? The best way to do that is taking a water taxi along the coastline. It might not be the romantic boat ride you were looking for but it will take up less time and cost you less money. You should get a view of the golden arches of “El Arco” for about $10 USD per person, and if you like you can spend some time on Lover’s Beach and your water taxi will come back in an hour or two to transport you back to the marina.

Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more upscale there is no shortage of luxury yacht charters available, complete with a full crew and a stocked kitchen and bar so long as you can cough up the dineros. 

Feast Away On A Dinner Cruise

If you’re looking for a romantic way to celebrate an anniversary or other special event then a Mexican dinner cruise is definitely the way to go. These cruises can be anything from a couple of hours long to a whole day boat excursion where you’re far away from land and only have the open ocean as your backdrop. The food is incredible, consisting of barbecue or seafood and plenty of it, so don’t forget to get your fill before the sun sets. There are various ways to get out onto the water, including catamarans and yachts for more intimate parties, as well as pirate ships for those who like their party on the wild side.

Take A Stroll Along San José del Cabo’s Art District

Explore the streets of San José on foot. Bring along your art books and gallery map to find the museums, galleries and cultural centers. Don’t miss the chance to see local artists displaying their work in Plaza Mijares—a colorful hub of the city’s arts scene. If you get hungry, stop over to La Lupita for fish tacos and local beer. Whether you are looking for adventure or a relaxing day trip full of color, art and culture, San José del Cabo should top your list of places to visit in Baja California Sur.

Watch The Whales Make A Splash

If you want to get up close and personal with these friendly giants, there is no better place to do your whale watching than Cabo San Lucas. Here, the water is warm enough year-round that whales regularly swim into the bay to mate or give birth, or simply enjoy a vacation from the chilly northern seas (but pek season is December through March). They can be seen in small pods of up to 20 individuals at a time, making it easy for you to get photos while boating along the water’s surface. Cabo offers this experience through numerous tour companies, so work with your hotel to set up an excursion before you check out.

Tour Through The Desert On An ATV

The ATV tour, such as the one offered by Cactus Tours in Cabo, is a unique experience that you can definitely not miss if you have the chance to do it in Los Cabos. The landscape is breathtaking and the ride is thrilling. Because it’s an up-close affair, the trip feels more like a personal adventure than simply going on a guided tour. If you want to get off the beaten path, this is definitely the way to go!

Have A Taste Of Tequila

You can choose your tequila like you would wine: looking for a certain area, or find one that’s bursting with complexity. One thing is for sure — tequila possesses a rich history and it is part of Mexico culture. It is no wonder that you need to attend to the nuances of taste and flavor, but in the end, all you really need to do is just enjoy it!

Party At The Famous El Squid Roe

El Squid Roe is a great place to hold a party with your friends. Make use of their VIP tables as well as their excellent offers on drinks, including some very potent margaritas. The club is buzzing with energy and you will love the music. There’s also a restaurant attached where you can get some gourmet tacos when you want a bit of a rest.

There’s So Much More To Do…

In conclusion, Cabo is a vacation destination that offers an endless array of activities and attractions. With so much diversion it’s easy to drift into a sense of apathy; if you go to one more beach or make one more excursion, how are you really going to tell the difference? We would urge you to take note of what makes Cabo different from any other destination you’ve experienced—the natural beauty, the laid back atmosphere and the warm, welcoming people. And perhaps most of all, the feeling—the feeling in your bones that the next thing you want to do is exactly what you should be doing. That’s why we’ll go back tomorrow if we can, and the day after that too. Happy exploring!

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