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Los Cabos Dining Experiences

While the town still embraces its exuberant ways with some of Baja’s most famous all-you-can-eat buffets and delectable cocktails, Cabo has been quietly transforming itself into an elegant culinary getaway. The transformation is especially evident in the restaurants around Los Cabos, which have seen a subtle but steady influx of fine-dining seafood kitchens that are fast making their mark as dining destinations in their own right.

The food scene in Cabos is on the rise. As more and more people visit this area of Mexico, locals are looking for ways to distinguish themselves from other areas of the country. Some restaurants continue to represent the old school approach where service is slow and menus are filled with only a few traditional dishes like tacos or burritos. These are still excellent options if that’s what you’re looking for, but there are so many quality restaurants open in Cabo right now that it would be a shame if you didn’t try some of the spots below.

Mariscos El Compa Chava - Todos Santos, B.C.S, Mexico

There’s something about a dirt floor and straw roof that adds an element of authenticity to an otherwise unassuming establishment. If you want seafood and you want it prepared quickly in a setting that’s casual and fun, find your way to Chava’s. The specialty at this large, open-air restaurant is ceviche, with many different kinds to choose from. Each one is prepared to order and served with freshly fried tortillas. 

Get there early: it’s often crowded, the place moves fast, and once ceviche runs out for the day, you may be out of luck. The rest of the menu includes standard seafood items such as fajitas de mariscos (seafood fajitas), shrimp tacos, fresh fish filets, fresh ceviche served inside a large chocolate clam shell, smoking hot dishes called molcajete, as well as “aguachiles” — tiny shrimp submerged in a seriously tasty soup of chili peppers, cilantro and lime. This restaurant is worth the detour!

El Farallon, Cabo San Lucas

In a perfect position to catch the sunset, El Farallon’s seaside tables overlook Baja’s sparkling Pacific and Cabo San Lucas’ rocky coastline. Since the restaurant is run by the Waldorf Astoria’s kitchen team, you can expect lean cuisine that focuses on seafood. 

What more can we say about El Farallon that you don’t already know? This is without a doubt one of the best restaurants in the world, and it holds its own whether against a guidebook or the most discerning critic. The fish is market-fresh every day and featured in a changing daily menu. A lot of thought is put into the seasonal dishes that complement the extraordinary wine tastings. Make sure you book this reservation in advance!

Los Tres Gallos Restaurant, Cabo San Lucas

In terms of niche restaurants in Cabo, Los 3 Gallos is unique. It stands out among the rest as a mainstay because of their commitment to their traditional Mexican food, which includes their own famous house-made mole sauce. When was the last time you saw a waiter hand-carving a roast pig at your table? You won’t see that anywhere else. There are no fusion dishes, no burgers on the menu; just good old fashioned Mexican cuisine. It’s a relaxing place for dinner after a long day at the beach, especially on the outside patio with its beautiful foliage from all of the surrounding trees and plants.

Taqueria El Fogon, San José del Cabo

When visiting San Jose, the trip to El Fogon is a must. For good Mexican food, you’re hard-pressed to find anything as affordable and as delicious as at El Fogon, and the neighborhood ambience doesn’t hurt either. Whether you need a break from the sun, are hungry after a day at the beach, or just walking around the historic downtown area, El Fogon provides a great meal and an even better atmosphere.

A truly authentic and undeniably delicious taste of Mexico. The food at El Fogon not only satisfies, but it also offers a glimpse of Mexican culture, cuisine, and history. It is a reminder that tacos are more than just food to enjoy—they are handcrafted works of art from every region of Mexico.

Flora Farms, San José del Cabo

Flora Farms, a working farm and agritourism destination, seems to have all the characteristics of a luxury resort. It provides an antidote to Cabo’s hectic beach-to-bar lifestyle, reverting to a type of small-scale organic farming that isn’t matched anywhere else in the surrounding area. Thanks to this interesting set-up, foodies and design aficionados can come away from their Cabo vacation with a newfound appreciation for where their food comes from and how it is produced.

If you’re looking to enjoy fresh, locally farmed vegetables and humanely raised meat, Flora Farms is the perfect way to treat yourself. The farm-to-table experience, a model that seems to be growing in popularity as of late, is executed with perfection here. After all, it’s hard not to enjoy eating food grown just steps away from where you’re sitting.

Eat Your Heart Out, Cabo

Mention Cabo San Lucas and you’re likely to hear anyone of the following: beaches, tequila, shopping, nightlife… and food. While the cuisine in Mexico is more often than not representations of a region’s history and culture, when it comes to dining out one hardly ever sees a sense of place equal to that found in Los Cabos. The location is unique in itself – boasting the best of the Pacific Coast’s seafood as well as ingredients from inland Mexico. All of this being said, there are hundreds of restaurants including hole-in-the-wall places to fine dining spots offering some of the best food you could possibly imagine, but if you’d rather stay in – there are plenty of options for a personalized chef experience.

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