A Look Into Crime In Cabo San Lucas

Is There A Lot Of Crime In Cabo San Lucas?

Anyone who comes to Cabo San Lucas is here for the same thing: to have a good time. There are no worries about drug-cartel violence, kidnappings, and other violent crimes in Cabo San Lucas. The city never had such issues, and authorities work overall very hard to maintain it. It is true that there were some incidents related to this topic when tourists got involved with the wrong crowd, so keep in mind that you should never try to get involved with drugs or get into sketchy situations. However, those things don’t happen by chance; it is more of a responsibility of each individual tourist to stay safe.

Cabo San Lucas has sun, sandy beaches, lush vegetation, and alluring nightlife. It is not only a great place for both winter and summer travelers but also for retirees and vacationers. However, it is a city located in Mexico — at the border of North America and Latin America — so there is some crime. But overall Cabo is a safe and family friendly place to visit.

Is Cabo Safe For Female And Solo Travelers?

If you doubt the power of a Cabo Mexico solo female traveler, then you’re living in the past. We’re not in 1985 anymore. Women travel solo more and more these days. And for good reason — it’s less expensive and there are many destinations which are safe enough to visit alone. Yes — some countries will be off limits for women traveling solo because it isn’t “safe” but Cabo isn’t one of them. There are thousands of women travelers who have been to Cabo and returned refreshed and rejuvenated. Just keep in mind the following;

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Trust your instincts about someone or a situation. If your gut feels off, it usually is.
  • Don’t wear jewelry or carry expensive items when you are out partying or walking around town (keep it at your Los Cabo rental).
  • Try not to display large amounts of money.

All things considered, Cabo is safe. While the horror stories exist, all major tourist destinations in Mexico have room for improvement and safety should be on that list. With patience and caution you can have a much safer experience than media headlines imply. If you are traveling here as a solo female, don’t let the media scare you out of a great vacation destination in Mexico. But keep your wits about you and use common sense to enjoy yourself and have a truly amazing experience!

Is There A Lot Of Theft In Cabo?

Staying safe is always a major concern when you visit a foreign country. The United States State Department has issued travel advisories warning of increased theft and in Cabo San Lucas. While stating that there are no known serious threats facing travelers, the State Department warns that petty crimes such as pickpocketing and purse-snatching are routinely committed against visitors staying there.

The Crime In Cabo Takeaway

In general, most crime in Cabo is fairly petty because there aren’t a lot of major criminals in the area. In fact, statistically speaking, you are less likely to be robbed or assaulted in CSL than you are in many other parts of the world. The best defense against theft is just not giving the bad guys an inch. Stay aware of your surroundings and don’t carry too much cash or fussy jewelry. You should never carry your passport with you and should never leave valuables lying around your hotel room where they might get stolen. Using common sense will go a long way toward keeping you safe while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas and Mexico.

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